The Grand Mafia Guide: Tips. Cheats & Strategies

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New to The Grand Mafia game? Master all of its core concepts with this The Grand Mafia guide available with tips, and tricks

The Grand Mafia Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks

This article covers how to play The Grand Mafia game, about enforcers, buildings, babe, mansion, and other things like raiding on the map, looting the resources, defense, attacking other players, resources, etc. So, let’s get straight to The Grand Mafia cheats and guide!

Spend The Gold Bars Wisely

The first tip here is to spend the gold bars wisely. The game has so many uses of gold bars; we recommend investing in the permanent VIP bonuses. In other words, use the gold bars to get VIP points and raise the VIP level for permanent bonuses. In the upper-left corner, next to the underboss icon, tap the VIP option. On that page, you can check the VIP privileges. The higher the VIP level, the more privileges you get. Tap the + button next to the VIP bar -> spend gold bars to get VIP points and raise the VIP level.

Learn To Increase The Mafia Influence

At the top-center of the game screen, you can see the mafia influence. The mafia influence points display the total power of you as a player. You can increase the mafia influence by upgrading the buildings on the base, making investments in the investment center building at your base, leveling up the underboss, training associates at the training center, assembling traps, and completing the turf tasks.

Guide To Associates In The Grand Mafia

Associates are the troops in The Grand Mafia game. You can train them in the training center at your mansion base. And, use them to attack street bruisers on the battle map. You can unlock new associates(high-level associates) by investing in the “crew” in the investing center. The higher the level of the associates, the more power your march will have. By upgrading the training center, you can train more associates at a time.

Associates tips:

  • There are many types of Associates in The Grand Mafia game. For example – Bikers, Bruisers, Mortar Cars, Hitmen, Wall, and more.
  • Certain types of associates have an advantage and disadvantage against certain types of associates. For example – Bruiser unit is strong against Hitment, Mortar Cars – but, weak against Bikers, Frag Grenade, Wall.
  • Tap the training center building. Tap on the associate -> select the attribute button to check strong/weak info.

How to use associates wisely?

Well, it depends on the enemy’s weakness. We always recommend to “Recon” the enemy players before you send the enforcers and associates to attack. Recon/Scouting the enemies will give you their information; the troops that the enemies have. Check the type of associates they have the most and choose the associates wisely. For example – if the enemy has more Hitmen, you can send Bruisers, Incendiary, Bomb, and Wall units because the Hitmen unit is weak against these types.

Guide To Enforcers In The Grand Mafia Game

Enforcers are the main characters in The Grand Mafia game. They lead the crew into the battles. By upgrading their rank, you can increase the crew size – the larger the crew size, the more associates you can take to the battle.

Go to the Enforcers -> there you can check the complete list of Enforcers. Tap on the Enforcer card. In the upper-left corner, you can check its level and the type(tap the type icon for details), crew size, etc. Tap the + button next to the level bar -> use the Enforcer XP -> level up. You can get Enforcer XP from the campaign mode, quests, etc.

To rank-up the Enforcers, you will need tokens. Tokens can be obtained from the campaign mode stages.

To unlock new Enforcers, you will need their tokens, obtain from the campaign mode stages; elite mode mostly.

The Best Way To Progress In The Grand Mafia

We recommend you to focus on the campaign mode in the early game; it gives EXP, speed-ups, enforcers tokens, and many other rewards. On the mansion base screen -> look and tap on the “campaign” -> do the stages and get free rewards.

Guide To Underboss

In The Grand Mafia game, you play as Underboss. In the upper-left corner, tap the Underboss icon. There you can equip him gears(you can craft gears in the workshop building on the mansion base). On the same screen, tap the + button next to the underboss EXP/level bar -> use the underboss EXP to level him up and gain specialty points. You can get the underboss EXP from the tasks, kingpins, campaign, etc.

Tap the specialties button on the underboss profile screen -> there you can spend the specialty points on “combat/crew” or “economy/cash” tree. Both are important. We recommend splitting 50/50.

Join An Active Faction

Faction is the guild function in The Grand Mafia game. You must join the faction because it gives you many perks; you can relocate to near the faction to avoid chances of getting robbed by other players(faction -> tap the co-ordinates to go there -> relocate). WIth faction members around you, you will always have an advantage in PvP.

Other perks include getting assistance from the faction members, free gifts, rally functions, and much more. Other perks include getting assistance from the faction members, free gifts, rally functions, and much more.

Do The Tasks To Earn Freebie

At the bottom, tap the task button -> do the dailies, turf task, family tasks, faction tasks, VIP tasks to get free rewards.

Attacking In The Grand Mafia

In the lower-left corner -> tap the map icon. This will take you to the map where you can find enemies and attack them and rob them. On the map screen, tap the search icon in the lower-left corner -> select an enemy type -> send enforcers and associates. Train associates in the training center, get enforcers by playing the campaign mode.

To rob another player, you can use the co-ordinate. On the map screen, tap the co-ordinate option; X and Y. You can find the player’s co-ordinates by tapping their mansions on the map.

Guide To Babe In The Grand Mafia

Babe gives you free rewards and buffs. On the mansion base screen, on the left side of the mansion, tap the babe option. There you can interact with the babes. Upgrade the mansions to unlock new babes. On the babe profile, you have lots of options; tap the play button to play mini-game and get hearts. Hearts are required to raise the babe’s intimacy level. When the level goes up, you unlock babe’s new skills. On the same babe profile page, you can check the skill, talents, gift, date, and change outfit options. Skills give you rewards. Use talent points to upgrade talent and get buffs. You can build a commercial street to produce the talent points.